Lying at the confluence of the Lys and the Escaut, Ghent unveils itself over time. Seductive and welcoming, it has been described as one of the best-kept secrets of Europe. Indeed, Ghent can best be discovered slowly and is worth the wait.

The ‘1898 The Post’ is without a doubt the reincarnation of all the hotels that have come before it in this city of the Mystic Lamb, showing the same spirit, the same intimate beauty, revealing itself in each and every room. An ode to origins Each of the 38 rooms exude warmth, geniality and personality but each is unique and has its own story to tell.

The high ceilings and the dark green walls give a special elegance to the warmth exuded by each room. Large windows, the wood that is everywhere and an indirect light fill each room with a comfort such that you feel at home before you have even unpacked.

The antique furniture dating from the 20th Century stands harmoniously side by side with modern technology ensuring maximum comfort for the most demanding guests.

Designed with flair and an eye for detail, these exceptional rooms show a rare elegance, reflecting geographical insight and aesthetic coherence, integrating naturally into the interior of this new hotel. The rooms and suites in this hotel range from 20 to 65m2 in size and offer a stunning view of the city.